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Domino blogging

OK, I've got more to do, but I've got this blog now running from a Domino template (from the FreeDom Blog template). I've copied over a couple of posts from the old blog, and may convert others over - don't know yet.

There are some other great templates being released from Declan Lynch and from Steve Castledine for those who are running Domino 6.

And I'm working on my own R5-based template geared for ease of use from the Notes client for posting main documents, and for accepting comments from web users. I don't know how soon that will be ready, however, and Anthony Connell's FreeDom Blog template is a fantastic template for anyone with a little development ability.

Output LotusScript code on HTML page

Julian Robichaux at nsftools has posted some awesome code that will take an LSS file (or any text file of LotusScript code) and will output an html file that displays the LotusScript code formatted and color-coded like what you'd see in Designer. Very, very cool! I've added a very simple wrapper for Julian's code; the wrapper agent simply prompts for the input and output filenames and then calls Julian's script library. As an example, I've used Julian's code to output my wrapper as html. You can get the latest script library at Julian's site (he's also posted code to export the LotusScript as Notes rich text!). I've put the wrapper code and the LSS to HTML code in this R5 database.


Notes R5 blog; Domain Search

I've been spending a bit of time playing with the Domino Blog templates available from Steve Castledine at DominoBlog, from Jake Howlett at CodeStore, and beta testing the upcoming template from Declan Lynch at BlogSphere. I'm taking a clue from Jake Howlett and am moving my personal domain over to be hosted by Prominic, a Domino ASP. I'll most likely be using a template from one of these gents on my own site as I experiment more with personal blogging and Notes/Domino 6. But...for corporate use, it's critical to have an extremely easy interface for folks to use when creating and managing their blog - and I think all of the templates above are working toward that. The 2 other issues about which I'm thinking are how to offer as Notes-like an interface as possible (and for the vast number of R5 sites), and also how to offer folks the ability to search across all the blogs of a corporation. And of course, a major goal is to keep the cost down. So I've started reading up on Lotus Domain Search. It's looking like this could be a wonderful solution for Notes/Domino R5 sites. Next step is to see about getting some tests going. More to come!
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